Darling, wait.
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Darling, Wait.

Monsters have hearts, too.

You always said they didn't, but they do. You found yours. I just haven't quite found mine yet.

I've looked at your back for too long, Darling. Please, wait for me.

These twenty-two years have been so very cold. I miss what I once was, but I also want to move forward. I want to move forward into you.

And I hope one day, I'm just like you, because I've been just like me for too long.

And I hope when that day comes, you haven't been broken by all the things I've done. I hope I can be a good past, so that you can be my future.

“It's not just children who need heroes.”
― Tamora Pierce


More adoration
Tumbled down 40ft of steep terrain of the Niagara Escarpment (basically like a cliff) yesterday.

Also off a 6ft ledge. Lots of rocks, trees, sticks, etc. I’m okay though. Really banged up. My friend came tumbling down after slipping on her way to me. Scariest moment of my life. She hit a triangle of trees, I thought she was going to die. But she’s okay, thank god.

We’re laughing about it now. We had to get park police to come find us and help us. Got a free helicopter ride out of the deal too.

Scary thing was, had we kept rolling, we would have gone into the Niagara Falls whirl pool and died. As it was, the rescuers told us that we could have died- when they need to search for people, usually they’re dead.

Posted on September/11/2011
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