Darling, wait.
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Darling, Wait.

Monsters have hearts, too.

You always said they didn't, but they do. You found yours. I just haven't quite found mine yet.

I've looked at your back for too long, Darling. Please, wait for me.

These twenty-two years have been so very cold. I miss what I once was, but I also want to move forward. I want to move forward into you.

And I hope one day, I'm just like you, because I've been just like me for too long.

And I hope when that day comes, you haven't been broken by all the things I've done. I hope I can be a good past, so that you can be my future.

“It's not just children who need heroes.”
― Tamora Pierce


More adoration

.I get it- I do. You don’t know this person, you might not even live in the same country, let alone province or city as this woman. But considering this is Tumblr, this is where people all over the world have saved my life with their unbiased love and caring and generosity, not even having known my real name or my own origins, I really think that geographic location is one of the last things we should consider when helping someone.

Lucene is a wonderful mother who moved to Canada from a country where women’s rights are virtually nonexistent. Due to poverty and abuse, she was unable to complete her citizenship forms, and is now being threatened with deportation. Above all this, she is now making a life for herself, her daughter, and her sons- all of whom are prominent members of society. She is employed by St. Joeseph’s Healthcare- a place that means a lot to me as they saved me when I tried to kill myself last month and finally did what the system had prevented me from being able to do thus far- get the help I desperately needed. She helps prevent diseases, and even outside her career she is dedicated to helping better people’s lives through her volunteer work. Does this woman really deserve the nightmare she has and is going through? Does Canada threaten to suffer so with such a wonderful citizen in their country that they can’t stand to keep her? 

 The Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Multiculturalism can grant a minister’s certificate for this wonderful family. Let’s make sure he does!

So what am I asking? Simply that you sign this petition(http://www.thepetitionsite.com/12/stop-the-deportation-of-lucene-charles-and-her-daughter/) , spread the word, rally for news coverage (no matter where you are- rally locally or send emails and letters to news stations in Ontario- specifically the GTA (Toronto area), Niagara region, Hamilton-Halton region, and Ottawa), or all of them. I’m asking you to support in any way you can- especially by spreading the word. I may not know you, you may not know her, but when has that ever stopped those that truly care? Change a woman’s life, change her daughter’s and her sons’ lives, and the ripples will move outward, I guarantee you. It might not be saving an entire country from ruin, it might not be saving the world from some impending doom, but you’ll be changing a life, and in the long run, that can do a whole lot more than you or I will ever be able to see.

Thank you.

Posted on January/4/2012
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